Urska Starc Peceny

Urska Starc Peceny

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There was a girl. In the first class, she first had learnt how to write and then she wrote a story which got published in the school magazine. She and all around her were so content!
 And from then, she has never stopped making her and other content.

‣ International education in Slovenia, Italy and Austria.
‣ Phd in communication, University of Salzburg, with dissertation Netlife Communication, vision and definition of business communication in 21st century.
‣ 20+ years working experience,
‣ 6+ languages,
‣ 3 kids with 1 husband,
‣ content.

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Born in Koper, Slovenia on August 14, 1977 Urška Starc Peceny has an international education gained in Slovenia, Italy and Austria. With “maturita per merito” she finished high school one year earlier and, after traveling around Australia, started the study of communication sciences with focus on Public Relations and Internet and new technologies at the University of Salzburg, Austria. She finished an on average six yearlong study within three years. In May 2001 she finished her Ph.D. degree with excellence within one year, her dissertation topic being Netlife Communication, vision and definition of business communication in 21st century.

Considering education as “something to be done”, she always focused more on activities outside school. Starting as chief editor of the best elementary school journal in Slovenia, passing to a regional newspaper and as student writing and co-founding the first supplement about new media for the national newspaper Dnevnik, she had the opportunity to attend many conferences and events around the world. Already as a student she has been gaining experiences as junior PR and consultant in various projects.

After her education, instead of choosing a scientific career, she preferred practical experiences as she grew up in an entrepreneur family. Speaking 4 languages fluently she has co-founded more companies in Europe and Middle East powering international businesses, charity organisations and EU development projects as communication expert on strategic and execution level.

Sports and traveling are her hobby-horses. Married, mother of 3 kids, with 20+ years of working experience in the field of innovation & the New, she is currently sharpening her competences in the field of space business and research, energy efficiency with predicting intelligent systems and creation of development instruments to boost the community centric digitalisation in EU.

Known for her broad intercultural affinity and “futuristic view”, she is interested in this permanent changing reality in development of ecosystems with management and communication structures and processes that allow stories, communities and brands to grow and last in time.

2017 Municipalities of the Future – gathering of Mayors in Slovenia, Brdo pri Kranju, panel moderation;  NASA Space Apps Challenge Vienna, moderation; Der Blick ins Unbekannte. In: Der Brutkasten (Die Presse); Die Suche nach der Entstehung des Lebens. In: Der Brutkasten (Die Presse). #Kompetenzen #Zukunft – Kollaborationsfähigkeit. In: Digital Monday Blog (DigitalCity.Wien portal). Master Study for Marketing and Sales, course: Digital Marketing,  Doba Faculty for Management, guest professor.

2016 FLAPAX – European Smart Community Accelerator launch, moderation, NASA Space Apps Challenge Vienna, moderation, DigitalCity.Wien, article. Webinar Local, nice … smart, Doba Faculty, Maribor, lecturer. Slovene Space Academy, Ljubljana, speaker.

2015 Fear&Fail, speaker, NASA Space Apps Challenge Vienna, moderation.

2014 RealMakers event at European Patent Organisation, presentation of The GoodList, articles about European Inventor Award in German magazine Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften and Slovene magazine Polet

2013 RealMakers event in Vienna, presentation of Contenting.me

2009 AmI – European Conference on Ambient Intelligence, Salzburg. The Challenging Development of Contents in Ambient Intelligence Reality

2008 A series of articles about e-book impact on reading and publishing in Bukla (Slovene specialized magazine about publishing)

2004 EU-Projector, Nova Gorica, Sovenia (Lecture: Communication in EU projects), Wine Forum, Dornberk, Slovenia (Speech: Approach and possibilities for international marketing of local wines). L2C conference, Nova Gorica (Speech and moderation: The importance of networking in EU)

2003 International conference Living in digital City, Nova Gorica, (Paper and presentation: Portals&Communities in Slovenia and Austria); L2C conference (licence2create), Nova Gorica, (moderator and presentation: regional development execution document Crossroad of Creativity.

2002 National Lions Congress, Portorož, Slovenia (Lecture over the program developed for Lions organization: Lionism and Strategic Communication)

2001 Cyber-workshop, Škofja Loka, Slovenia (Paper and lecture: The Future of Communication); National Days of Sociologists, Portorož (Paper and presentation: New Ways of Communication); TOI Conference, Nova Gorica (Paper and presentation: New Methods of Business Communication); National Lions Congress, Bled, Slovenia (Presentation of the program developed for Lions organization: The New Dimension of Charity).
Opening editorial for “Digital PR” on the official web site of Public Relations Society of Slovenia.
A short version of Master Thesis published by Virtual Society Forum, University of Salzburg.

1997 – 2001 About 200 articles focused on Internet and new technologies in Dnevnik, a national Slovene newspaper.

1992-1997 Editor of about 170 editions of page for young people in Primorske novice, regional Slovene newspaper.