Urska Starc Peceny

Research & Innovation

Innogees – innovation without borders. Evolving the refugee integration through innovation.

NASA Space Apps Challenge – Local Coordinator Vienna, Austria and CEE Community & Communication Coordinator
The world biggest hackathon, a two-day event during which citizens from around the world co-create solutions for challenges relevant to both space exploration and life on Earth. Space Apps is a NASA incubator innovation program. It connects government agencies, academic institutions, organizations and pioneers around the world with aim to create and discover state-of-the-art technology.

The GoodList – the initiative to build an independent charity directory for Europe which helps social sector unlock advertising money of business sector for funding of good causes. Learning from similar tools elsewhere, we want to create a unique solution for European specific needs.
For Europe, to close the gap and start a new chapter, in which giving in Europe can cross borders and European NPOs get the position that they deserve – equal players in the global giving also in the online world.  2013-

Contenting – Development of a marketing platform, an easy-to-use and cost effective tool for brands to connect with non-profits and target groups and optimise their cause marketing performance. The goal is to align brands with causes by merging the act of donating and branding into a unique crowdsourcing and social media experience in which in so called campaigns users unlock money for good causes without spending own money and create good vibration around brands. 2012-

‣ Class Blog – Project powered by My Toy Store in which blog for classes as easy-to-use tool is offered for free for educational purposes. Research of impact that blog can have on educational process.  2011

Ami 09 – European Conference on Ambient Intelligence, Salzburg. The Challenging Development of Contents in Ambient Intelligence Reality. 2009

Ambient 5 – Research and development of communication and content for the reality, digital and physical, in which all five senses are involved. 2008 –

MAM Babyartikel – Brainstorming for one of the world leading baby product producers. 2011

Netlife Communication: Development of a model of communication in a foreseeable future with focus on business communication, PhD dissertation. 2001

Efficient Corporate Communication with Case Studies on Italy and Slovenia. Analysis of cultural characteristics on the internet, master thesis. 2000

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