Urska Starc Peceny

Social media


Q. What do you like most about social media?
A. When people come to me and ask me, if I can help them make a home page on Facebook.

Q. What do you answer?
A. The truth. No, I can’t.

Q. And why do you like that?
A. Because it shows the total chaos in which companies are now with social media. It reminds me a lot the time around year  2000 when people were asking to help them make a brochure on the Internet. As it was a challenge to figure it out with web sites, it is now the big challenge with social media.

Q. So what do you suggest companies about social media – where to start with this big challenge?
A. Well, for everything I suggest to start at the beginning. “What do you want?”

Q. What kind of person should company engage for this job? Which profile?
A. A person able to create a team which will manage their social media communication. Social media communicate with text, graphic, photo, video, audio, etc. If you want to communicate with your content you need to produce all that. Do you know somebody who can do good all that together? I don’t. But I know good teams.

Q. Which social media communication form do you like most?
A. It depends on story and target group. But, deep deep insight I’m a traditional soul. Blogging permits at least to put all words in the sentence and make a punctuation mark at the end. But I’d love to do a project where we tweet with grannies and grandpas. It would be fun!